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Sure it's comfortable and
good looking, but who cares?
What's important is that the Messina 
Bass Bag is so durable that it will
protect your bass for years to come.

We're all bass players here

at Messina Covers, and we've been
through the same problems with cases
that you have. A cheaply-made case will
tear at the handle seams and wear out in
the pockets-making it hard to transport.

So we make our Bass Bag out of the
strongest materials around, then reinforce
the insides of all the pockets with the same
nylon webbing that the handles are made of.

We also add a special loading handle
with three separate handgrips from the
endpin to the bridge for easily lifting into 
any vehicle, and a side mount pocket to 
carry your bass wheel.

The Messina Bass Bag is a must if you
really want to protect your instrument. 

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Messina Covers
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